Insumiter ni Vice President Sara Duterte ti resignation letter daytoy kas secretary ti Department of Education ken vice chairperson ti National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC).

Nailanad iti surat nga aglusolos ni Duterte epektibo inton Hulyo 19, 2024.

“For a proper and orderly turn-over, I have prepared a 30-day transition plan for all the nine strands in the Central Office, as well as for the different Boards and councils chaired by DepEd and SEAMEO.”

“My resignation is not a sign of weakness, but with true concern for our teachers.”

Pinagyamannan met ti bise presidente ni President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. iti oportunidad nga ipaayna kenkuana tapno agserbi kas miyembro iti gabinetena.

“I shall remain of service to the country through the various programs, activities, and projects of the Office of the Vice President.”